How to comment on a gay rights issue

1. If you’re not gay, don’t comment on the gay rights issue.

2. If anyone involved is from America, don’t mention it. If they’re from somewhere else, that’s ok.

3. If you mention any instance of homophobia, make sure you also mention every other instance, even if it doesn’t seem to be related at all to what you’re talking about, and even if you only have half an hour to write your post.

4. Be sure to mention Muslims. For some reason that is imperative. Don’t differentiate between them either, they’re all the same. Muslims in Morocco and Turkey treat gays just as badly as in Iran and Saudi Arabia, but the important thing isn’t where they’re from, it’s their religion. Unlike when you mention Americans, in which case it doesn’t matter what their religion is, you’re focussing on where they’re from, even if where they’re from is completely unrelated to what they’re doing.


That’s the most effective way to combat homophobia. FYI.


2 Responses to How to comment on a gay rights issue

  1. I’m sensing a subtext here. (Yes, I’m that perceptive!) Would you care to point me to a particular instantiation of this inspired strategy?

    • grammarking says:

      A friend of mine reposted the last post on facebook, and a mutual American friend of ours said I was being anti-American for mentioning where the preachers were from. Then their friend started having a massive go about it. There was literally a 100 post thread. Ludicrous.

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