Return of the Mosquito

I remember blogging about this way back in the younger days of the blog, but my posts are horrifically badly organised so I can’t be bothered looking about it. Take a look a this little device.

That is the Mosquito. It emits a high-frequency noise that can typically only be heard by under-25’s. It’s bloody annoying and is used to disperse groups of young people. The BBC have just put a story on their website saying that the Police Minister has ruled out a ban on this device, after the Council of Europe released a report which called for a ban.

What really infuriates me about this article and the government reponse is that it focuses almost entirely on whether the device might have health implications. That is not the point at all! The point is that such devices are obviously discriminatory. Imagine if they had a device which only affected black people, would that be allowed? Of course not! Imagine if shop premises used awkward steps to stop old people getting in with their zimmer frames, would that be allowed? No! So why is it ok if you single out young people? Do people over the age of 25 not cause problems?

“Ah” you reply, “but there’s a higher incidence of anti-social behaviour amongst young people.” So the fuck what? If there were a higher incidence of crime amongst black people, would that make racial profiling ok? Isn’t this pretty much what the sus laws in the 80’s were all about? Isn’t that what ultimately led to the infamous Toxteth riots? British society is trampling all over the civil liberties of the population, and it’s coming down heaviest on young people. We’ve already got the modern equivalent of the sus law in the form of stop and search initiatives, and no thanks to prats at the likes of the Daily Mail, anyone in a hoody is suspected of carrying a knife, and a group of 5 or 6 people standing around is a cause for concern.

Youth discrimination is rife. If it were any other demographic it would be scorned from all sides.


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