Big Week for Atheists in Oxford

In a couple of weeks there are two events in Oxford that will be of interest to anyone of an atheist bent or anyone interested in discussions on that kind of thing. First of all, the AHS national convention is one the 27th. The AHS is the National Federation of Atheist, Humanist and Secularist Student Societies (that’s why we shortened it to AHS), which the Humanist Society at the University of Edinburgh helped found back in… 2008, I think. This isn’t open to the general public but if you’re a member of a society that’s part of the AHS, see if you can get along to represent your society. Alternatively if you’re a student of our kind of mindset, get in touch with them via this facebook event. Maybe you might be interested in starting a society at your own university? In any case, it’s always great to meet people from around the country of a similar mindset, and these events are always good fun.

Now the other thing, which seems to be linked to the first, is Think Week. This is a week of free events from the 22nd to the 28th February (apparently that’s called ‘6th Week Hilary’ – weirdos) organised by several non-theistic groups; the Oxford Atheists, Oxford SecSoc (yes they have two), Oxford Skeptics in the Pub, Oxford Humanists and an interesting one called Sea of Faith, which according to the website seeks to “explore and promote religious faith as a human creation.” Cool.

Their week of events looks immense. There are discussions on everything from faith schools to science to poetry and choir recitals to stand up comedy, and Britain’s Best MP Dr Evan Harris will also be making an appearance. You can get in touch with them via this facebook event, or by the website.

So see if you can get along, it promises to be a week you can’t afford to miss.


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