If I ever meet Pat Robertson, I swear I’ll kick him in the nuts

… and he’ll bloody well deserve it too.

Sorry about the lack of activity here, I’m coming up to my exams in Spain and it’s all a bit hectic. I doubt I’ll be posting again until I move to Portugal in February.

Before I say anything more, here’s the link to the Red Cross Haitian earthquake appeal. I know you’ll give what you can.

So I was recently following what’s been happening with the most popular creationist on Youtube, Venomfangx, also known as PCS and Shawn. Just a warning, this post will contain a lot of links, most of them are good watching.  The guy’s been shown to be an idiot, and a despicable one at that (that last video is particularly revealing, especially from about 4 mins on – I like how his Joker sounds like Yoda). First a bit of background.

Over a year ago now, Venomfangx and Thunderf00t, a YouTube Atheist, had a long bit of rivalry between each other over YouTube. Venomfangx would post a stupid video, Thunderf00t would post a video taking the piss out of it, then it got a bit more personal. There is a US Copyright law called the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or DMCA. It’s all about reproducing images and technology and things like that that I don’t really understand all that well. This is the important part. Filing a false DMCA takedown notice is illegal under perjury laws. Venomfangx filed a false DMCA against Thunderf00t, and regretted it (that’s a playlist going through the whole thing). He claimed that defaming his character was a DMCA issue, which it is not, and also claimed Thunderf00t had been giving out his personal details so that his family would be in mortal danger of attack. Here he is apologising for the whole thing. It’s worth watching. Oh, he was also involved in a fundraising scam but I can’t be bothered finding the video for that.

So, a week or so ago, Venomfangx filed a hell of a lot of false DMCA’s against a lot of atheists on YouTube, most notably one called dprjones. Dprjones then filed a counternotice against him, and released a video about it. There was also an email exchange between them. Once he had received dprjones’ personal details from the counternotice, Venomfangx posted a video claiming that dprjones had asked an underage girl to expose her breasts on his blogtv account, and encouraging his subscribers to report him as a paedophile. He then gave out the personal details of dprjones to anyone who contacted him for them.

How sick in the head can one person get? This is someone who used to frequently moralise about the atheists on YouTube, claiming that he believed in Christian love and that he didn’t attack the atheists like they did him, whilst also comparing them to Hitler, amongst many other examples. I was pretty disillusioned with the whole idea that Christian morals are superior.

Which is why I was perfectly primed to go apeshit over this:

That is Pat Robertson, one of the most famous televangelists in the world, claiming that the reason Haiti was hit by this earthquake was because over 200 years ago, when they started the revolt against the French colonials, they signed a pact with the devil. Yes, in a show where he was raising money to help (or supposedly, he’s allegedly been involved in scams of a similar sort in the past), he decided to blame the victims. There’s an estimated 100,000 dead. Some of the papers have been claiming it’s more like 500,000 but I don’t know. Millions have been affected by this, and days later he thinks it’s appropriate to blame the victims? Or the victims’ ancestors? Ho-ly shit. It’s nothing new either, he did it with 9/11 and Katrina, blaming it on abortion and teh gayz. There’s your Christian morality right there. Yes, I know not all Christians are like this, although I also know that a lot of Christians in the states will have had no problem with what he said and will have sent him money anyway. But clearly being a Christian, even one who seems to have a personal relationship with God, does not make you a moral person.

There has been an awful lot of commentary over the issue, and this post will not be adding anything new. A friend of mine posted this article on why we shouldn’t be surprised by what Robertson said, citing that this is a necessary belief for him to hold to explain why this happened. He has to blame the people, because otherwise he’s left with blaming God. That may be true, in fact I did a bit of research on the Haitian revolution when I studied Carpentier’s El Reino de Este Mundo, and it’s fairly well known that there is said to have been a Voodoo ritual before the start of the slave revolt (I’d say they were praying for victory, something which happens at the beginning of most football games in the US, rather than signing a pact with the devil). But I don’t care. You don’t go to the funeral of someone who’s died of lung cancer and tell the grieving family that the deceased should have stopped smoking when they had the chance. It’s disgusting, it’s inhuman, it’s fucked up, and it detracts attention away from some of the real reasons this earthquake was so deadly. Even if he did hold that belief, he didn’t have to broadcast it on national TV. So I don’t care if Pat Robertson is 700 years old, if I ever meet him, I will be proud to kick him squarely in the crotch.

Once again, I’ll post the link to the Red Cross appeal.


9 Responses to If I ever meet Pat Robertson, I swear I’ll kick him in the nuts

  1. grammarking says:

    Heh, looks like Rush Limbaugh’s also getting in on the act (I almost typed ‘kook’s instead of ‘looks’ there, must be a Freudian slip).


  2. Endless psych says:

    I liked one twitterers response “every day that Pat stays on the airwaves I will make a pact with the devil for the sake of America”

  3. grammarking says:

    There’s another issue here which I was reminded of by John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, in this piece, where he refuses to answer the questions put to him


    The Archbishop mentions the story about the tower of Siloam, where Jesus says the people who died were no more sinful than the rest of the people. Here’s the story: http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Luke+13&version=NIV

    He’s right, in fact if you go through the Old Testament, there are numerous examples of God punishing people for things that other people did, it’s practically a defining characteristic of the Old Testament God, other than Sodom and Gomorrah (and that’s the only example I can really think of – well I suppose Elijah and the bears is another one).

    The point is that Pat Robertson’s comments are even scripturally dubious. And when your beliefs don’t even line up with the Bible, the great big book of multiple choice, you’re in trouble.

  4. Jason Piteo says:

    It might surprise you to know that if you and I were in a room together with Pat Robertson, the race would be on to see which of us would kick him in the nuts first!

    If he is, in fact, a Christian, he clearly doesn’t understand the message of the gospel. I have my doubts on whether he’s Christian at all.

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