Simon Singh Support Meeting

On Monday there was a meeting in London in support of Simon Singh in his libel case. We were hoping that he’d reveal whether he’s appealing or not, but unfortunately he and his lawyers have not decided yet, but it looks like he might be leaning that way. Anyway I wasn’t there so I’ll just post up some coverage here.

HT Martin at the Lay Scientist for that.

This is an editorial piece from the New Scientist.

Dave Gorman (who was seen speaking on the video above) has a blog post on the meeting and surrounding issues.

New Humanist has also covered the meeting in some depth.

There’s now a lot of internet coverage of this case and the surrounding issues of the broken English libel laws. A particularly good roundup of the response can be found over at God Knows What. I urge you to go and read up around the issue and if it angers you as much as it does me, write to your MP about it.


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