Climate Change Rally

2 new links on the blogroll today, the first is Richard Wiseman’s blog. He’s the Professor for the Public Understanding of Psychology at Hertfordshire University, and his blog is updated daily with psychological phenomena and a weekly puzzle. The second is the Edinburgh Skeptics blog, a blog from the group which organises the Skeptics in the Pub in Edinburgh.


Anyway so today after my exam early this afternoon I went to a Stop Climate Chaos rally at Holyrood. Here’s a few pictures. It was really well organised and well attended, with the aim of getting the Climate Change bill passed in the Scottish Parliament ahead of the Copenhagen conference. That looks likely, and I’m sure with such a huge dedicated support base, progress will be made. However, on my way home I went to the supermarket and decided to check where everything I bought was from, and what shocked me most was the vegetables! I’m trying to cut down how much meat I eat so I’m buying more (and more unusual) veg than I normally do to go into meals. But almost everything I could find was grown abroad, and not just in fairly nearby places, but places like Kenya, Peru, Egypt, Senegal and Thailand! This wasn’t very complicated stuff either, just babycorn, spring onions and different types of beans. Surely it’s possible to grow this stuff in the UK, or at least Europe, with it’s diverse climate? Unfortunately not much is in season at the moment, but here’s a chart showing what’s in season in Britain at different parts of the year. Hopefully the pictures won’t make this post too weird, I can never get them to work properly.climate-chaos-rally-0151


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  1. Clare says:

    I recommend trying your local farmers market. The London Farmers Market organisation stipulates that farmers must grow or make the produce themselves and be from within 100 miles. I have to say that my local one has some really delicious fruit and veg at the moment.

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