Biblical bling

Thanks to Bill at Skeptobot for bringing this to the attention of the blogosphere.

I urge you to read that whole short post, but the highlight is links to various phenomenal church websites, some of which I’ll link to here (some of them are kinda samey so not all of them). If you click on one link this spring, it has to be one of these, they’re superb.

  • The International Congress of Churches and Ministers – if you stay on past the explosive intro it reads out it’s remit in a robotic voice. Now you’re going to think it can’t get much better than that one but oh… it can.
  • Evangel Cathedral – the intro to this is awesome but similar to the others (although it does have these weird lights flying into the sky that presumably represent the Rapture), but what steals it for me is on the website itself, where a screaming electric guitar solo they’ve probably taken straight out of a Van Halen song goes on for too long, and then the friendly pastor Don Mears introduces the site on his soundbyte. Look out for the cheesy picture of Don in action and just… pulling stupid faces for some reason, up in the top left hand corner.
  • Truth Transformation Ministries – Ever wondered what the world would look like if a lot of nuclear bombs went off at once? Well after the intro, run your cursor up and down the menu on the left and the globe at the top looks just like that, along with a nice jingly noise.
  • K&K Mime Ministry – Ready to be elevated to a new dimension in worship? Didn’t think so. Pay these guys a visit anyway, the intro is superb, but not as good as the concept itself. These guys bring the psalms to life, right before your very eyes, through the medium of mime. I’m assured this is not a parody, but it’s my personal favourite.

Just a bit of nonsense. Is it just me though, or does this remind anyone of the trailer to a really bad film? Something like… (I looked up the Knowing trailer but it’s just as bad as the film itself, apparently) xXx. You watch the trailer, it looks good, it looks flashy, but when you dig a little deeper, it’s bullshit!


2 Responses to Biblical bling

  1. Clare says:

    That mime site is awesome. The concept alone was enough but they more than fulfil its potential.

  2. The ICCM site. During the annoying intro, does it or does it not look like the Stargate? P3X-592 anyone?

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