Excellent video on openmindedness

I just came across this excellent video from QualiaSoup on Youtube. I don’t think I’ve ever posted a video here before, hopefully this’ll work.

It tackles an issue that’s been problematic in the past. I like to think of myself as openminded (well, I suppose everyone does), but at the same time I’m sceptical about a lot of things. Not having thought about it much, I saw these two characteristics as fundamentally opposed to one another. This video shows that often, being sceptical (or having an ‘evidence barrier’) is not only not opposed to open-mindedness, but can in fact be conducive to it. A particularly good part is at about 7m 23s.

I think we should remember that openmindedness is not about how easily you’re willing to believe something, but how willing you are to consider other ideas. They’re very different things.


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