Student elections

I find myself once again frustrated with student politics. I realise this is a recurring theme. Last night I went to the student election results and I was astounded at how cliquey it was. Now this was no secret, it’s widely known that EUSA is dominated by party politics, but I was so surprised at just how true that was. All the Labour people were sitting together, metaphorically sucking each other off, and when Thomas Graham, our next President, finally won (it was incredibly close with Liz Rawlings), they were all up on their feet, several of them were crying and they were all ridiculously overjoyed. Throughout the whole proceedings you could pick them out from a mile away. What pissed me off most was that when Thomas Graham first got up on stage, he said “none of this would be possible without the work of the last EUSA President… Josh MacAlister”. Now those outside the uni may not know this but Josh was the last but one, the last Labour President. The current president is Adam Ramsay who was a green candidate, and only after he saw the reaction of the crowd did he mention him. It was clear to me that none of this political stuff was to help students, at least for them it was just about scoring points on the opposition.

Now I don’t like party politics in any instance but I can at least understand it on a national level. People with similar views come together in parties. But in student politics this doesn’t at all make sense. There’s no left wing view on whether the library should be open 24 hours or whether the union bar should be cheaper or not. But of course the everday student doesn’t like this party politics either, they feel that it’s just a clique that’s been dominating student politics for too long, so now candidates don’t mention that they’re in the Labour club or the Conservatives society or whatever, and you can only take that into account if you happen to know that, for example, Thomas Graham thinks party politics is more important than the democratic process or that Harry Cole was running Oliver Mundell’s campaign. But the cliqueyness still persists.


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