I spoke too soon

I should’ve saved yesterday’s post for today. Here’s another story on the Church of England, who are now having another spat over women bishops.

So, what’s new? Well they want to change the rules so that women can be bishops, but some of the clergy have kicked up a fuss so they want to make “flying bishops” who can serve parishes in a female bishops diocese who object to it. What gets me is that there isn’t even any scriptural argument being made over it this time, or if there is it hasn’t been covered. They already have women vicars, so why are they bothered about making them bishops? The simple fact is that they don’t want to be “under the control” of women. It’s nothing more than sexism.

I can’t help thinking that if this was any other kind of organisation, this attitude would be totally unacceptable and heads would roll over it. But because it’s a Church, they’re allowed to make their own rules up. The objectors call themselves ‘traditionalists’. I call them bigots.

Now what I find particularly alarming is that certain members of the clergy are threatening to go to the Catholic Church if this goes ahead. Doesn’t that really undermine the particular beliefs of Anglicans if they’re willing to turn to Catholicism over a little something like this? It’s very little to do with religious belief itself, it’s just politics. Grow up.


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