Here we go again…

Apologies for the lack of action around here but I’m at home and I’m a bit busy.

It can’t be just me who is fed up of unelected religious types sticking their oar in where it’s not wanted. Here’s another story about Anglican bishops getting themselves involved in politics, calling Labour’s economic policy ‘morally corrupt’, just a week after Rowan Williams did the same. Now I’ve looked these people up, as far as I can tell none of them are economists, having studied theology and not much else (some of them do seem to be prominent homophobic campaigners and the Bishop of Carlisle is supposedly an expert in exorcism who blamed Britain’s laws allowing civil partnerships for widespread flooding last year which killed several people :s – why we give these people press coverage is beyond me).

Now I count myself as a bit of a liberal, and I generally don’t advocate people getting themselves more in debt, so I’d probably agree, if they’d proposed some kind of alternative. As it is, they just moan about the crisis, blame the government, give no evidence or even much of an explanation, and leave it at that. The other side of the coin that I tend to side with is that in their time in government, Labour have generally worked towards better conditions for the poor, fighting poverty. I know, for example, that the welfare state and working conditions have been improved, and minimum wage is now (mostly) acceptable. To blame them for the current crisis with little evidence is in poor taste.

What gets me most, however, is that they have explicitly chosen sides. Some of these bishops sit in the House of Lords where they are not supposed to be partisan. They do not have any evidence that Conservative policies to cut public spending would help, and I think they’re just showing their age, class and religious sensibilities in siding with them. I know that organised religion is inherently conservative (small c), else it wouldn’t survive, but I think to be explicitly so is in poor taste too.

Of course we shouldn’t forget the Catholics. Perhaps the most Irishly-named person I’ve ever heard of, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, as well as the Pope, gave their own two-penneth during their Christmas messages. The Pope also said homosexuality is as great a threat to the world as the destruction of the rainforest, another totally unsubstantiated statement.

When will people stop listening to these fuddy-duddies?


3 Responses to Here we go again…

  1. centurean2 says:

    And you seem to assume the LSE teaches the kind of economics we in the west require, being Marxist in theory i don’t think so, inspight of the fact we have a Fabian Marx indoctrinated Government.

    Darling another Marxist, just what Britain needs,NOT!

    The church is wrong only in that, they kept quiet for far too long!!
    Have you chosen to forget the fact that, the church attacked the Thatcher government as well?

  2. centurean2 says:

    The Popes comment…


    That being nothing and never will, the Pope was right……….

  3. grammarking says:

    When was the last time the Pope had a baby?

    Actually I didn’t mention the LSE, and Labour’s economic policy is a far cry from Marxism, not that you give any reasons why that would be a bad thing.

    Having been born in Thatcher’s penultimate year I didn’t know the church attacked Thatcher, but it’s a moot point. The bishops, as unelected nobodies, shouldn’t be getting themselves involved.

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