What in the holy hell is going on in the world? This is the Crackergate story which is doing the rounds at the moment. I won’t go into a load of detail as PZ Myers (the same PZ Myers who was ejected from a screening of ‘Expelled – No Intelligence Allowed’, despite being in it and being invited) explains the whole thing here. Basically a student went to a Catholic Mass, and when he took the Eucharist (a piece of unleavened bread that, when the priest says some magic words, supposedly turns literally into the body of Jesus Christ, despite not actually changing at all), he didn’t eat it, but kept it in his mouth. When he went to leave, disgruntled Catholics attacked him trying to get it back, but failed. Now they’ve been sending him DEATH THREATS about it, calling it “a hate crime” (surely it’s not even a normal crime, never mind a hate crime) and “worse than hate speech”, and likening it to a hostage situation.

PZ Myers, hearing about this, commented on it on his blog (linked to above), asking people to send him some of the bread so he can abuse it, and now the Catholic League and its leader Bill Donohue have decided that he should be getting death threats too. All over a piece of bread. Ironically these are the same kinds of people who call Catholicism peaceful (witch trials, inquisition, crusades, anyone?), and the Catholic League specifically claims to stand up for people’s civil rights. How about the right to life, morons?

In any case now people are complaining to the President of PZ Myers’ university where he works, calling for his dismissal, so I’d like to urge anyone who cares to drop him a line in support of Myers. The President’s address is, and he asks that anyone who comments leaves a real name and is polite and courteous.


8 Responses to Crackergate

  1. Stuart Ritchie says:

    Sent an email in support of PZ to the President this morning. It’s at times like this I feel a deep despair for my fellow human beings.

  2. Clare says:

    I was reading some of the writings of the Marquis de Sade a while back. For the section of blasphemous abuses it had indecent acts involving wafers which I thought were just daft. Evidently, I was wrong and the sanctity of symbolic wafers is still an important issue for the church.

  3. grammarking says:

    It’s unbelievable how people will take offence at the stupidest things! I mean we all thought the Danish cartoons were incredible but this really takes the biscuit… or wafer, whichever you prefer.

  4. grammarking says:

    Hehe, found this good point in the now very extensive comments list on the original blog entry.

    “huh. you’d think an omniscient deity would have seen it coming, and simply stayed out of the about-to-be-desacrated cracker in the first place. so, yes, we may safely blame the “victim””

  5. centurean2 says:

    In actual fact being unlevened bread, it melts away in seconds…..hate to burst your bubble children!

  6. centurean2 says:

    Censorship eh?

  7. grammarking says:

    No censorship, that’s to prevent spam, I get quite a lot. So what if it melts away?

  8. […] crotch-kicking list, Bill Donohue is the President of the Catholic League, who I’ve covered before on this blog, and he’s at it again. Defending abusers, that is. In this article released […]

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