Youth drinking

Three posts in one day, I think that’s a record!

Recently the government have released plans to cut down on underage drinking by raising the price of alcohol. The idea is that if the alcohol is too expensive, kids won’t spend their pocket money on it. Is it just me or do they seem to have missed something? Surely if you want to cut down on underage drinking, then you get more tough on under 18’s buying alcohol and on places that sell to under 18’s. If you increase the cost, you’re not targetting young people, you’re targetting poor people! Where has this correlation between age and wealth come from?

I know plenty of teens with wealthy parents or with jobs who will still be able to afford to buy alcohol, and I know plenty of people over the age of 18 who can’t afford it as it is (me included)! I think they’re barking well and truely up the wrong tree here, and it’s all down to dodgy logic.


2 Responses to Youth drinking

  1. tychy says:

    damn right. why should I have to pay over three pounds for a pint of guinness because the government can’t stop teenagers from getting hold of cider? there should be no age restrictions on drinking. the government should just be straight with people, and say “the state can’t stop teenagers from drinking. it cannot be done. prohibition has never worked, and certainly not for young people…”

  2. grammarking says:

    One step at a time. Although in a perfect world I’d love to live in a super-libertarian world where freedom truly reigns supreme, it’s obvious some people can’t be trusted, as much as I hate to say it. Studies show that alcohol abuse does a hell of a lot more damage in young people than it does in adults (note that I think physiologically 16 year olds aren’t much different than 18 year olds, that should be what it’s based on), and that’s why the sale is banned to young people.

    However, I do agree with you that a more laid back approach might result in a more continental attitude to drinking, such as being allowed to drink with a meal at a younger age (you are in the UK at 14 at the moment, whereas the French are brought up on it). The younger you are when you’re drinking, the less of a big deal it is. Teens are binge drinking because they think they’re being hard by doing it. Look at the US, there’s strictly no alcohol until 21, and as soon as they hit 21 they go mental, and can’t handle it.

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