Condom pockets

Sorry about the lack of action around here but I’m at home and there isn’t an awful lot going on. I’m afraid I’m only going to be posting occasionally until I go back to Edinburgh in August 😦

I just came across this story (I mean erm… I just saw it – this post is gonna be full of innuendo, I can tell) about some Swedish students who have won an award for designing a pair of men’s underwear with a pocket in which to keep a condom.

Now everyone these days knows that sexual health is something we’ve all got to er… keep on top of, and I applaud the effort to… bring the issue up here, but I have a couple of concerns that maybe this isn’t the best way to keep people abreast of the situation.

Enough innuendo! This post is starting to remind me of a line from my year 11 Duke of Edinburgh report, “we quickly put up our tents, stood back to admire our erections, and then laughed as the headmaster tried to get his up”.

Anyway, apparently the latex in condoms becomes weak and breaks when exposed to heat, so keeping it in a pocket in your underwear will probably make it less reliable, which I’m sure isn’t really what the designers had in mind. Quite why they use a material that breaks when exposed to heat for something quite so important when you get hot under the covers is beyond me, but apparently they do.

What’s more worrying for me though, is the last line of the report;

“The men said their next step is to create a pair of women’s underwear with similar pockets for condoms.”

Maybe I’m just being a bit too cynical, but if this product went mainstream, I can imagine boistrous men going around checking these pockets to see if any of the women around them are up for it, which is also probably not what the designers had in mind. So maybe we should leave this particular idea on the shelf, and concentrate on better advertisement and public awareness.


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