The Media

It’s so important that it’s often given the title “The Fourth Institution of Government”, and yet sometimes the media is so frustrating, I’ve decided to have a rant at it. As you may know I’m at home at the moment, there isn’t an awful lot to post about and I’m just slightly bored so we’ll see how this goes. The keyboard’s also playing up so excuse any typos.

So what started this? My parents read the Daily Express, and when it arrived on Saturday morning, there was the usual sensationalist headline: “MILLIONS FACE ARCTIC EASTER” (well… seeing as there’s about 60 million people in Britain, you’d expect it to be about that many). Yes the Daily Express would have you believe that we all had to batton down the hatches and prepare for the worst. Each one of us may lose several family members and Britain will never be the same again. And yet here I am on the other side of a 4 day weekend and the weather’s actually quite nice, I only noticed about… 10 minutes of rain tops, all weekend, although admittedly it was quite cold.

Reading into the article, “…Britons will face the worst Easter weather in 25 years…” That’s hardly surprising since it’s the earliest Easter in 95 years. The weather isn’t any worse than usual, it’s just because Easter’s come earlier. Duh! And for the last… as long as I can remember, this “news”paper has had a picture/headline of either Madeleine McCann, Princess Diana or a member of the Royal Family on the front page. It’s as if there’s nothing more newsworthy.

Now of course none of this would matter except that the media is the only way most people know what’s going on, and of course so many people have somehow lost the ability to think for themselves that editorials in such rags are now public opinion. You can tell just by looking at the opinion polls each of these papers run every now and again. The Sun would have us believe that 99% of the population want to bring back the death penalty. My arse to that.

Take last night. I was having a conversation over the dinner table and someone mentioned Australia. My over-opinionated, overweight, over-drinking hypochondriac dad came out with the remark “well, it’s the only place to go!” I asked him what he meant and he said “well they’ve got it all right with immigration, not letting the bastards in.”

I replied “oh right yeah, because immigrants are the source of all this country’s problems…” I was being sarcastic, but before I knew it, everyone else at the table was agreeing with me as though I was serious. I wouldn’t mind, but none of them have ever met an asylum seeker, they know several immigrants but have nothing but praise for them, and yet they’re still complaining that “they’re stealing our jobs!” “They’re stealing our benefits!” (at the same time? They must be cleverer than I gave them credit for). All their opinions about anything vaguely political is drawn from what they’ve read in the tabloids, with no consideration given to it.

Don’t people realise that blaming immigrants for everything is downright dangerous? It’s what the Nazi’s did with the Jews before WW2! And why don’t we take into account the irony that if my dad actually did move to Australia, he’d be an immigrant himself! Of course he doesn’t see himself that way, so really, this is nothing but thinly veiled racism. He doesn’t want to keep immigrants out, he wants to keep the paki’s out.

I hope Richard Murdoch’s happy when he starts World War 3.


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