Strange weekend

So I’ve been on my own in my flat pretty much all week. It’s been boring, so on Friday I went to my work for a few drinks, ended up going to my favourite bar, Nichol Edwards, had 5 tequila’s in a row and then someone I’m friendly with there invited me back to her flat, with a mate of mine. She turned out to be a massive cokehead and did about 20 lines, and at about 7am I’d had enough (of it all, I don’t mean I’d had enough cocaine, hehe), and went home.

As a consequence of not going home after Nichols on Friday, I then didn’t wake up until 3pm on Saturday. I was in work at 5, and I realised when I got up that my work uniform was still in the washing basket, horrible, minging and dirty. So I washed it quickly, but didn’t have time to dry it properly so I had a damp shirt for my uniform. Not good.

Then, as by now I was going to be late for work, I decided to ride down there on my pushbike. I got to the bike shed downstairs and it wasn’t there. Buggery. So I got the bus to work, found my bike in Hunter Square where I must have stupidly left it before Christmas, and it’s had the living crap kicked out of it. The back wheel was bent in half and the handlebars twisted all the way round, sprocket twisted, brakes bent. So I had to carry it home, because the wheels were broke. I took it to the repair place today and it’s gonna cost me about £40 to repair, which isn’t too bad considering. Most the damage is just superficial, it seems.

Anywho, while I was at work a girl asked me for my number and I gave it to her. Every cloud has a silver lining and all that. But then she spoke to me again later and it turned out she’s 31 (she looks about 25 max). I’m 18. That’s not so good, but I didn’t mind all that much. Then she texted me later and told me she’s also a mother of 2. Again, I’m 18. That’s not so good.

So all in all a pretty crappy weekend, full of disappointments. What have I learned from the experience?

1. Don’t take pretty girls at face value.

2. Don’t be such a muppet and take care of your belongings.

3. Know when you’ve had enough to drink and go the hell home.

4. Actions have consequences.

5. Be better prepared.

I think I have found a good part to all this though. If I hadn’t gone to the girl’s flat and I wasn’t late the next day, then I wouldn’t have gone to the bikeshed, and then I wouldn’t have known my bike was gone, and I wouldn’t have looked for it in Hunter Square. Then it would have been there longer, and the chances are it would have been damaged even more or worse still just robbed, and that would have cost me much more than just £40

Look on the bright side and all that.


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