Compensation Adverts

Not having a TV at uni, it seems I’ve missed a lot of the adverts. There are the usual Christmas ones, a hellishly huge amount of celebrity-endorsed perfumes, and the occasional gem, like the Guinness advert. But, if it’s possible, it seems there are even more compensation adverts on TV than I remember there were in the Summer.

Does anyone else find them repulsive? It’s a manifestation of the suing culture which has invaded us from our Western cousins across the Atlantic. Noone is willing to take responsibility for their actions anymore. I’ve been looking for videos of the ads online but I can only find the forklift one which is crap so you’ll have to imagine what happens.

The one that really gets me is “I was installing a fire alarm, and I was actually given the wrong type of ladder. It slipped and I fell, crushing my hand. I went to the National Accident Helpline and was awarded £7,000, and I didn’t even have to go to court” What it should say is “I was given the wrong type of ladder and I was stupid enough to still use it without anyone holding it. But I needed some dosh so I sued my boss, who was so scared he just handed me £7,000 so I’d shut up.”

The fact that it’s called the National Accident Helpline is particularly strange. Most people with a brain accept that accidents happen, and you can’t always just blame someone else for it, then hold your hand out and expect some money, like the people on the adverts seem to do.

I think people are realising how immoral it is as well, because the newer adverts that have appeared since I went to uni have a little section at the end saying how suing someone helped prevent the same thing happening again, making it seem like it’s their moral duty to claim. For example “I got £5,000 compensation, and they’ve relocated that bus stop”, or “I got £3,000, and the plastic? That’s a thing of the past”.

Anywho it seems my anguish is shared by the good people of Youtube, who have made several spoofs of the adverts.


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